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Interest Touring in Kolonja

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Interest Touring in Kolonja

Kolonja is situated on a plateau located in the beautiful Gramoz mountain range. The dazzling natural landscape combined with the unique history and culture makes Kolonja an ideal place to explore and experience.

Wine and traditional cuisine tours: The Kolonja region is well-know for its excellent wine and raki making traditions. Sample local wines from Leskovik, an important trading town during Ottoman times, and enjoy traditional Kolonjar dishes after the tastings.

Nature Tours: Explore the Germenj Forest Area, a protected forest full of fir and oak trees, a wide variety of plants, and wild animals, including wild boar, bears, wolves, foxes, and deer. In addition to the wildlife, an ancient caravan road used during Ottoman times passes through part of the forest. Just 10 minutes south of Germenj lies Lake Shelegur, a great place to spend a summer day swimming, fishing, and picnicking.

Adventure Tours: With a mountainous landscape intersected by numerous rivers, Kolonja is a great place for water trekking during the spring and for hiking all seasons, especially during the Fall. As the third highest mountain in Albania, Gramozi makes a great day hike. West of Erseka lies the Osum River Canyon which provides an enjoyable, scenic, walk through beautiful terrain.

Cultural Heritage Tours: Discover the traditional villages of Rehova and Borova. In Rehova life continues as it has for the past hundred years, with families relying on the sale of eggs, milk, and the meat of sheep and cattle and other agricultural products for income.

The homes have kept their traditional style and original facades, although now many have comfortable, modern conditions inside.Along the National Road, you will find the quaint village of Borova. Borova’s history took a tragic turn when in 1943 the Nazis burned the village and killed 106 residents for their allegiance to Albanian Partisan troops. A unique memorial honors the victims.



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