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Durres Amphitheater, Albania

Durres Amphitheater, Albania

Durres Amphitheater is one of the largest amphitheaters on the Balkans. The site was partially excavated beginning in 1960 and has an estimated seating capacity of 20,000 people.

It is situated the middle of the modern city of Durres, along with other important historical sites such as the public baths dating from the 2nd century AC and the remains of an aqueduct about 15 km long, built during the reign of Roman Emperor Hadrian. Additional sites include Byzantine-era walls and the round Forum-Macellum, built during the 5th-6th centuries CE.

Collections of archaeological objects found at sites around the city can be viewed at the city’s Archaeological Museum, although the famous, "Bukuroshja e DurrĂ«sit" and the “Beauty of Durres” mosaic are located at the National Historic Museum in Tirana.


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