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Book your Carnival Tour to Korca - 2 June (05/05/2012)

Book your Carnival Tour to Korca - 2 June

Korça as well as some surrounding villages of the region, has traditionally preserved and improved the celebration of carnivals. In terms of a democratic society nowadays this beautiful tradition revives and again wins the popular values of a jovial celebration.

Traditionally the Carnivals take place in different dates and months in some villages of Korça region. In 1994 and 1995 two National Festivals of Carnivals were organized in our city with the support of the local authorities, the Ministry of Tourism, Culture, Youth and Sports and the great support of the Soros Foundation. The carnivals come as a result of exploring and using ritual, ethnographic, artistic and jovial values of this running authentic folk tradition. This event sings the opening of the tourist season in Korça organized by the City in cooperation with other cultural institutions. It is a very popular event that preserves the values of its authentic tradition.

It represents an essential part of our culture and cultivates the values of a specific folklore, oral, burlesque, humorous, and musical. The festival promotes the interests of individuals and organized groups also to create new values. By recognizing the importance of our cultural heritage youth can also embrace this tradition and thus ensure a greater participation from year to year making the carnivals an annual event, loved and appreciated from all citizens.
The City and the cultural and artistic institutions have all the necessary possibilities and experience to a successful organization of this festival.

The festival is organized in Korça in the beginning of June. Several groups with a tradition in the celebration of carnivals participate in this festival. Korça, as hosting city is represented with several groups. In addition, other organized groups may also participate after having previously presented their artistic platform to the organizational Commission of this festival.

The festival has an Executive Council which shall determine, and help select the platforms of each carnival group.

An Organizing a Council will also conduct the preparatory work, organization and development of this festival.

This event has the total support and help of the Carnival Association and the president Mrs. Dhurata Lila which is a member of the European Carnival Convention and has a great experience and knowledge in this field.

The Organizational Council will develop the platform, artistic development and movement of groups of carnivals after revising the program of each participating group. The festival is considered as a manifestation in form of a parade of stationary groups and individuals at several points to perform and communicate directly with the public.

To stimulate qualitatively the festival two awards go to the best group or individuals for their performance.

The participating foreign groups provide a great value to the festival and make it more representing a colorful variety of traditions.


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